Gerald F. Sweeney Gerald F. Sweeney - Author of "Last Proud Gallop" & "The Columbiad"

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The Columbiad

Last Proud Gallop


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Eagles Rising First Lights Learn more about Gerald F. Sweeney - Author

Eagles Rising chronicles an Irish-American family’s transition from rural Iowa to Chicago where they confront labor, gangster and race wars.



How does a frightened child overcome his fear of the world and the horrors of Depression America? Amazingly, through sports and sex..



Crashing Into Sunrise Yo Coloumbia

A rowdy teenager facing mayhem finds solace in the life of the mind.



Manhattan magazine executive pursues young black woman and they initiate a quest to find Scott Joplin's lost operas.


Wizard Ho Last Proud Gallop

A band of New York artists searches out a radio pirate trying to explain the 20th Century to his listeners. The hunt is led by an interracial couple from the magazine business.



It's 1919 and the Jazz Age is about to begin. Six vibrant young people seek fulfillment amidst the wealth and power-driven background of Long Island's polo set.